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15 Most Promising Virtual Reality Startups - 2018

While imagination has never been the limit, the world is ushering in an era of technology that unlocks equally unimaginable ways of experiencing and utilizing products and services. Companies are advancing toward delivering improved and more powerful user experiences by using available technologies. Perceived as the technology of the future, virtual reality (VR) is equipped to bequeath enhancements, and radically redefine business workflows by building a link between the real and digital world and amplifying real-life scenarios. Companies across industry segments are investing in the synergy between computer-generated visuals and the real world through VR. The game-changing technology is making inroads in manufacturing, logistics, education, healthcare, and automotive sectors in addition to its prominence in the gaming and entertainment arena.

Advances in VR have been facilitated by rapid progress in simulation and modeling—offering graphical enhancements to real, physical environments, in addition to creating entirely new environments. Furthermore, the technology is opening up opportunities for enterprises to create time-saving experiences, quality inspections, work instructions, and training modules. VR is also revolutionizing operational excellence by enabling a new way of “seeing”—from showcasing products in an immersive way to creating engaging learning experiences across diverse fields.

To help CTOs, CIOs, and CEOs find the right virtual reality solution provider, a distinguished selection panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and the StartupCity’s editorial board has selected a list of VR Solution Providers that exhibit innovative technologies combined with cloud strategies.

We have considered the vendor’s ability in building solutions and services that can effectively yet economically account for a productive virtualization, keeping in mind the factor of time-focused delivery. We present to you StartupCity’s “15 Most Promising Virtual Reality Startups - 2018.”

    Most Promising Virtual Reality Startups

  • Develops 3D interactive sales and marketing applications to help B2B companies simply their complex product and solutions stories in a visually engaging way on smartphones, tablets, laptops, interactive touch screen appliances and in AR and VR

  • Paracosma is a VR company focused on content creation, technology innovation and systems integration to develop 360-degree media, interactive VR content and innovative AR applications

  • Provides white labeled AR and VR platforms that can be tailor-made according to its clients’ requirements

  • Vuzix is a supplier of wearable display technology, VR and AR

  • Gravity Jack

    Gravity Jack

    On a mission to create a future Experience Specializing in augmented reality, computer vision and machine learning technologies with Adroit™

  • Leap Motion

    Leap Motion

    Provides an automation-driven supply chain platform that helps retail suppliers drive their Sage ROI

  • Magic Leap

    Magic Leap

    Startup company working on a head-mounted virtual retinal display that superimposes 3D computer-generated imagery over real world objects, by projecting a digital light field into the user’s eye

  • Marxent


    Provides AR, VR and 3D solutions for furniture and home goods retailers

  • Matterport


    Immersive media technology company offering an inexpensive and simple way to capture 3D spaces

  • Meta


    Strives to make augmented reality (AR) the next computing platform with the most intuitive and collaborative computing experience

  • Nanome


    Builds an open platform to solve the problems of collaboration, incentivization and siloed information to create a world with open access to science & technology

  • Nomadic


    Nomadic is the immersive entertainment company delivering tactile and walkable VR adventures to neighborhoods everywhere

  • Oculus VR

    Oculus VR

    Technology company specializing in virtual reality hardware and software products

  • WorldViz


    WorldViz Virtual Reality solutions revolutionize how we interact with information, empowering businesses with new visualization techniques

  • Xennial Digital

    Xennial Digital

    Xennial Digital is a digital agency with a strong focus on XR (VR/AR/MR) enterprise and educational solutions